Best Blueair Air Purifier of 2017

Some friends asked me to recommend some air purifiers of Blueair. If you do a simple research, then you will Blueair’s products are highly priced because of its high quality and awesome support. So make sure to prepare a big budget if you want to go for this brand.

Blueair uses its own cleaning system which is mainly for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. After my research, I picked three models up and make a detailed comparison. We can check their information thoroughly in the table as follow:

ModelsDimensionsMaximum Working SpaceSpecialityPrice
Blueair 2038 x 17 x 21 inches;
25 pounds.
240 square feet1. HEPASilent® filtration
2. Swedish design
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Blueair 50313 x 20 x 26 inches;
35 pounds.
580 square feet1. HEPASilent® technology
2. SurroundAirTM technology
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Blueair 40311 x 20 x 23 inches;
41 pounds.
365 square feet1. HEPASilent® technology
2. Winner of Excellent Swedish Design
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Blueair 203


Let check the first one. Blueair 203 with simple and sleek designs tends to be timelessly “in”, which almost can fit all kinds of home decoration. It is perfectly used in an area up to 240 square feet. It looks small and oblate so that save your room spaces.

Harmful particles such as dust, pollen and pets dander are all trapped once the air goes through the first filter. It uses HEPASilent® filtration to finish the whole process of cleaning air. In this way, the cleaning effect of Blueair 203 is more powerful than other air cleaners, for it can remove those particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. What’s more, it is able to clean indoors air five times per hour, for its CADR is about 115 m³/ min which enhance its cleaning power.

By the way, this model comes with electronic filter change timer. In this case, you can know in time whether you need to change your filters or not.

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Blueair 503


Rather than 203, Blueair 503 is more expensive. But you will find worthy buying after read up its introduction.

This air cleaner is suitable for large rooms up to 580 square feet in size. Same HEPASilent® technology is adopted by blueair 503, which can remove more than 99.7% bacteria and particles like pollen and dust.

Like Blueair 203, it also cleans indoors air 5 times per hour, but it has higher CADR rating, which does fresh air with great effect by taking smoke, dust and pollen away. What’s the important is its SurroundAirTM technology, the 503 forth the air to go into the filters from three sides, and then release fresh air from the top and sides. Also, Blueair was tested by The Consumer Rights Protection Commission of Shanghai and considered as the best air purifier for removal of fine particles (PM2.5) and formaldehyde.

Filter timer will tell you when you need to change your filters. Since these filters have long life circle, you will find cheap for money on changing filters in its service period.

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Blueair 403


This one is specially designed for areas up to 365 square feet and the design, as always, the Blueair style, this kind of minimalist and simple design is well-accepted by most of young people. Blueair usually uses HEPASilent® technology and exclusive filtration to traps those particles and bacteria from you air. Blueair 403 is able to clean indoors air five time per hour as well, but it is used for mid-sized rooms about 365 square feet. CADR can reach 240 m³/ min, which is more powerful than Blueair 203 in cleaning effect.

By the way, it is whisper-silent on low setting. Since there is still noise were produced when it is in highest setting. This machine uses a double-suction radial fan to make white noise in order to balance those annoying sound. In this way, the problem of noise can be solved perfectly and all you feel is a peaceful and fresh environment.

Still a filter timer will go with your air cleaner. This right little helper monitors your filter’s life and warns you whether it’s the right time to change your filters.

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People who like to choose Blueair, they pay more attention to its quality than the price. Thus, if I have to choose one of them ,I will vote for Blueair 203, as its highly cost-performance and the highest credit rating from customers.