Best Holmes Air Purifier of 2017

Beside Honeywell, there is another brand that is well-accepted by lots of customers, that is, Holmes. Rather than Honeywell, this brand is more practical for people who want to buy an air purifier but with low budget. Thus, this time I am going to recommend some good models of Holmes, help you make your better choice. Still same way, I made a table to compare some of their key features.

ModelsDimensionsWorking SpacesSpecialityPrice
Holmes HAP72617.7 x 9.3 x 18.7 inches;
15.8 pounds.
256 square feet1. True HEPA filtration
2. Arm & Hammer
3. Filter monitors
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Holmes WAP53212.8 x 10.3 x 29.7 inches;
15.8 pounds.
217 square feet1. Free wemo App
2. 7 day programmable operation
3. Two Replaceable
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Holmes HAP600-U9.5 x 9.5 x 10.8 inches;
5 pounds.
120 square feet1. Extra cleaning power
2. Permanent filtration
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Holmes HAP924013 x 9.5 x 6.2 inches;
6 pounds.
100 square feet1. Arm & Hammer
2. Optional ionizer.
3. Dual position design
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Holmes HAP9412B-UA8.9 x 8.5 x 17.7 inches;
7 pounds.
110 square feet1. HEPA-Type filtration
2. Enhanced Arm & Hammer filter
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Holmes Air Purifiers Reviews

Holmes HAP726


This model is less than $100, which can trap harmful substance from your indoors air. When it goes through the True HEPA filter, about99.97% of airborne allergens in your air will be removed. If you are suffering smoke and pets dander, it would definitely be your option. It’s perfectly to use it in medium room up to 256 square feet. CADR rated 169 for smoke make greatly effect on fresh your air. Except those filters, this air cleaning machine is equipped with Arm & Hammer, which is used to forth filter to clear common household odor away. Unlike other machines with five speeds, this one only gets four speeds and timers. This feature makes it automatically operates for about 16 hours. Also, there has monitor for your filters. In this way, you can get to know if your filter needed to change in real time so as to¬†build a good¬†environment for working. Even some purifiers said they offer permanent filter, you also have to clean it after using it for several month to ensure a normal operation. Therefore, the most important is to choose useful accessories like high quality of filters.

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Holmes WAP532


With true HEPA technology, except particles pass through the filter such as pollen, dust, mold and dander can be removed, allergens are also can be cleared away. Besides, it offers odor eliminator and smoke grabber which can trap up to 99% smoke, pollutants and odors from cooking fumes, tobacco, smoke, cooking fumes and pets in your air.

The biggest highlight of this model is the smart app control. With your smart device and wemo APP, you can control your machine from anywhere. Checking your air quality, and adjusting settings by your phone. The normal way is to set a weekly table for this machine, and you can get your air quality reports. You also will be informed if there has any problem about your air cleaner. This feature attracts lots of buyers and they really satisfied with Long-distance Control. What’s more, it has auto mode which can adjust the setting depends on the air quality.

Within $120, you can get this high-tech machine back your room area up to 217 square feet. By the way, app function is only available for Apple(iOS 7 and higher) and Android(4.0 and higher) devices. Make sure you are on the list.

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Holmes HAP600-U


It looks like a big egg. Lovely and simple design is very popular on the market. With no more than $75, you can get this tiny model for your small room area up to 120 square feet.

It offers permanent filtration can get more than 99% of airborne allergens, such as pollen, pet dander and dust and some another harmful substance. Do not look down upon this little machine, it does clear air with good result. The filters come with this unit is permanent and it offers 3 speed selections meet you different needs. Furthermore, it is equipped with extra ionizer feature, which means it gets power to balance +/- ionic in your air. Also it can monitor the filter life for your reference.

It has a “night light” button, you can decide whether turn it or not. The motor of this machine is pretty quiet, you don’t have to worry that it will produce any noise disturbs your life.

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Holmes HAP9240


This is a pretty cheap one. Less than $55, it will be yours!

It also has HEPA-Type filtration which traps most of bacteria and airborne particles like dust, pollen and pets dander. Well, almost every air cleaning system owns this feature, because this is what it is mainly produced for. Like Holmes HAP725, this model also offers Arm & Hammer to make filter more powerful to take those common household odors away. But it only has 3 speeds setting for customers’ reference. Since the clean power of it is limited, it is only suitable for small sized room such as offer or nursery, or maybe a room area about 100 square feet. However, though small perfectly formed. It offers optional ionizer to balance the ionic in your air and CADR rated 65 for smoke, which means it gets effort in clear smoke away from your air.

Its function is not very outstanding but for people who looking for a cheap air cleaner, this one does the job really well.

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Holmes HAP9412B-UA


This is our last review which is the cheapest one of five. It focuses on cleaning indoor air without any advanced features. Thus, if you are just looking for a normal and economic option, then this one is really your type.

Like the models we’ve mentioned above, this one also uses HEPA-Type filtration to removes bacteria and airborne particles. Arm & Hammer filter, which helps you eliminate household odors and fresh your air. And 3 speeds settings give you three choices to control the cleaning effect depends on your need. However, you will hear some noisy as it is working. Thus we suggest that you can select the purification level appropriately, for examples, use the highest speed when you out of your home and choose lower speed when you at home. It is also equipped with optional ionizer to balance ionic in your air and a filter service indicator which monitors your filters life. Also it is effective in cleaning indoor smoke for CADR rated 70 for smoke.

The design of it is tall and thin, which can save your room space and we are highly recommend to use it in the small room, the size of your room is better no more than 110 square feet. Within budget less than $50, why not take this economic and practical one?

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Lots of customers choose models of Holmes because it offers quality products with very affordable prices These five models are all cheap. If your room is nearly 200 square feet, then Holmes HAP726 is your top option. If all for small room, then I will choose Holmes HAP9412B-UA. People prefer high-tech experience, there is no doubt that you will choose Holmes WAP532.