Best Air Purifier For Pets of 2017

As the rapid development of life standard, more and more people like to keep a pet in their house and take it as a family member. Pets become an indispensable part of people’s life with happiness. However, being stuck indoors for a long time also may cause troubles for those allergic to dust and pet dander. People are looking forward to living in clean, fresh and healthy environment. This time, I am here to introduce the some top rated air purifiers for people who have pets.

Best Pets Air Purifiers Comparison Table

ModelsDimensionsMax Working SpaceSpecialityPrice
GermGuardian AC5250PT6.1 x 9.5 x 27.2 inches;
10.6 pounds
146~199 square feet1.True HEPA + Pet Pure Treatment;
2.Use GENUINE Guardian Technologies
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Winix WAC950016.5 x 8.9 x 21.9 inches;
24.3 pounds
1.True HEPA Filtration ;
2.PlasmaWave technology
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Ivation Ozone12.5 x 11 x 15 inches;
12 pounds
3,500 square feet1.Beneficial Ozone Generation;
2.Powerful Ion Energy
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Austin Air Systems14.5 x 23 x 14.5 inches ;
52.6 pounds
1,500 square feet1.Volatile Organic Compounds;
2.Specialty Carbon Blend
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GermGuardian AC5250PT


Five speed and CADR rated 125+for medium to large rooms, GermGuardian AC5250PT is highly recommended for those family keep pets.

True HEPA can traps almost all kinds of allergens such as pet dander, dust mites and pollen. With Charcoal filter, it greatly reduces common odors from pets, smoking and cooking. Besides, UV-C light technology works with Titanium Dioxide, which enables it to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and mold spores.

The most important thing is, it is equipped with Pet Pure Treatment, which is used to stop the growth of mold, mildew and odor – causing bacteria on the surface of the filter. Pet pure treatment is the highlight of this machine. That’s why I recommend it for pets owners. What’s more, within $150, you will get such amazing air cleaning machine, so why not?

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Winix WAC9500


Maybe you have noticed your pet’s hair floating in the air or anywhere all the time. For this reason, it is always a really problem when you keep a pet. Winix WAC9500 uses 5 stage filtration to almost thoroughly remove the hair, dander and odor of your pet to present you with comfortable living.

True HEPA Filtration leaves you a superior control of Hair, Pet Dander and Odors, as well as other Household Odors and Allergens like Pollen, Mold Spores and Smoke Particles. Its filters are all washable. As we’ve mentioned above, the Winix cleans through five stages instead of two-cleaning system, and the air will be pulled in from two opposing sides with 1″ gaps. The air first travels through the “washable” Anti-Bacterial Pre-filter, then the True Hepa Filter, the “washable” cassette frame, then the “`washable” Nano-Silver Mesh, then the “washable” Carbon Filter before finally getting a dose of `PlasmaWave’.

Plasmawave is able to generate both positive and negative ions to create plasma clusters. This feature makes great effort to prevent viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors and odors.Theoretically, the pet’s hair is usually stuck up in the first pre-filter. Its also offers Odor, Dust and Light Sensors automatically adjusts the settings to meet the needs of your environment.

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Ivation Ozone


This model surprises customers with both its powerful cleaning system and amazing low price. It aims to improve air quality and help you breathe fresher by reducing dust, allergens and other irritants, not to mention the normal pet’s hair. People who bought it gave it a very good rating! It is for whole house use for it can clean more than 3500 square feet area. It does fresh the air and get rid of odors completely. Then, it offers manual mode for both heating and cooling system. The ionizer part produces negative ions and is designed to perfectly neutralize odors. The fan is pretty quiet in its operation and the beneficial ozone generation provides activated oxygen to remove odors from Tobacco, Food, Pets, Paint, Mold & Mildew. Besides, it can recreate natural comfortable smell, which is really great for using in your house and office.

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Austin Air Systems


Well, before beginning, I have to say that Austin Air Systems Pet Machine Standard Unit, Sandstone is designed specifically for pet owners!

It has equipped with a filter to trap the allergens caused by pets, then trap airborne dust and dander by its True Medical Grade HEPA. The Special Carbon Blend will help reduce many pet odors that floats in the air and Volatile Organic Compounds is highly effective at removing particles in the air and gases. Those feature are contributed to removing both the harmless and potentially harmful pet odors, particles, viruses and bacteria, then keep your home smelling clean and fresh. It take little time to clean the indoors air and remove the smell. Pet’s hair won’t be a problem if you own this machine.

There is another thing the price is slightly higher than those three models above, but it represents good value for $600.

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If the budget is not an issue, then I will definitely recommend Austin Air Systems. It has the highest rating of these four models. Ivation Ozone is my second choice when I take price into my consideration.